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I am the Iron Blood Battleship Bismarck. Commander, I hope to grow up big and strong here at this port so that I may protect you and Tirpitz. In other words... I'll do my best to eat properly and sleep properly. Is there a problem? Perhaps my combat experience could prove useful?

00:00 German science is the best in world!
03:43 Imagine... imagine!
08:07 Schiff Vor!
11:48 Danke danke

Quick review of the Bismarck:
Bismarck may have gotten power crept in the past few years since her release but she is still a solid ship as long as she is top tier and not completely bottom tier. Bismarck may look tough to take down if you take a look at her armor plating that can shatter most HE shells however her superstructure is so massive that ships will have no trouble burning you down and even if you angle to AP, you can still take massive damage from the shells arming inside your superstructure.

With IFHE, Bismarck secondaries can penetrate 32 mm bow which is most of the battleships bow allowing you to deal decent damage with them. Bismarck like all other German battleships have the turtleback armor scheme citadel protection so you are at your strongest when performing drive bys.

Bismarck has atrocious AA so don't expect to stop any carriers from dunking on you over and over again. Your guns may have been buffed to the same dispersion pattern as the USN battleships however due to your fast velocity shells, your dispersion can still be wonky at times with shells going all over the place. They are also only 380 mm guns so be careful to not face heavy cruisers with 27 mm bow or they will melt you down with ease.

Bismarck also has the hydro acoustic search which allows you to push in with ease without fearing from torpedoes as much. Bismarck is a great pushing battleship that can be used as a battering ram through the enemy defenses to make way for your team. A battleships core strength that will burn strong and bright but will go out just as quick.


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Bismarck and Hood tea party


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No Game No Life OST - 7. Princess Stephanie

Girls und Panzer 《Panzerlied》(with Japanese and English subtitles) ガールズ&パンツァー《パンツァーリート》(字幕付き)

Safe From Rain | Girls' Last Tour × Capital Cities Mashup


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